Last update: 05.2021

These policies apply to the use of this website and the Call Filter application (on Android and iOS)

Numbers Review Policy

Posting reviews that contain threats against other persons is forbidden on the site and in the application. Also, no insults are allowed to users on the grounds of their personal peculiarities, such as physical features or being a part of the category protected from discrimination. Please inform us of any content that does not comply with these rules.


We take every effort to ensure that the Call Filter application works effectively, uninterruptedly and safely, however we cannot guarantee that. By starting to use our application, you agree to accept the risks and damages associated with the following situations:

  1. Interruption of the application or related services.
  2. Errors while the application is functioning.
  3. Acts of the third parties using the application.
  4. Any loss incurred while using the application.

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