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The Call Filter is a simple and effective app to block unwanted calls. The app is free, does not contain ads, and does not collect or transfer personal data and contacts.

The Call Filter automatically blocks the following types of incoming calls:

  1. Advertising and intrusive services over the phone;
  2. Calls from scammers;
  3. Calls from debt collectors;
  4. Intrusive offers from banks;
  5. Surveys;
  6. "Silent calls", instantly dropped calls;
  7. Calls from the numbers in your personal blacklist. Masks are supported (optional);
  8. All incoming calls from the numbers that are not in your contacts (optional);
  9. Any other unwanted calls.

The Call Filter does not require access to your contacts!

Unlike other blocker apps, the Call Filter does not require access to your contacts. It is easy to use and stable in operation.

The blocked numbers database is updated several times a day. Your phone chooses the refresh rate automatically based on the state of your battery, Internet connection speed, and connection type (Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE, H+ or 3G). The Call Filter is designed to update the blocked numbers database as often as possible, without draining your battery, wasting extra traffic or slowing down your Internet access when you use it.

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