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+44 20 7097 8343

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The number +442070978343 has mostly negative ratings. We have 4 user reviews with a rating for this phone number. Most likely it is landline phone. Possible phone number formats: +442070978343, 02070978343, 442070978343, 2070978343, +44 20 7097 8343, tel:+442070978343.

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Scam reported by

As a company who do investments. They said I had €24.000 credit because of a fund who pays people of whom their identity was stolen and used for scam. These guys kept phoning for over six months! And wanted me to fill in forms with all kind of privacy details, so that they can use that details for scam!! They also did phone me, where a guy was saying he worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland! But when I asked him the address, he did give the wrong address of their headquarters in Holland. When I said, I don't want the money, give it to charity, they said not possible and that rings bells, charity is always possible. Saying this several times, with several phonecalls, this stopped them to phone me again. (robocall / recorded message)

Scam reported by

scam (robocall / recorded message)

Scam reported by

He says from my bank ING, and I was being phissing? He called back with 4 different numbers: all started with: +4420709783 then the last two were different: 43, 70, 80 and 28, this is no good I guess, be ware people, they steal your money! Lucky Iam poor had only 0,20€ and still have that! (live person)

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(robocall / recorded message)
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